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Below the fold… your March 1- March 8, 2021 headlines.

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Mental Health Headlines, March 1, 2021, Headline Thief

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Editing as of March 11th. These take a while to transcribe… hang in there! Thanks for your patience.

Hey everybody it’s doc from headline thief with this week’s headlines this week we’ve got 17 free mental health headlines I’m gonna read them and go through a couple of copy writing ideas content ideas for you as you flow through them things that might be helpful as you think about how to write so the first one is what I’m feeling depression in this article you can talk about people who are considering whether they might be depressed or they perhaps have a family member or friend a loved one who suppressed and what sort of things you might be able to suggest throughout the article I can help them answer that question. Number 2 high functioning depression what’s the difference this kind of article is perfect for comparing and contrasting things that you experience in your clinic or if you’re writing for someone who has a clinic therapy practice these sorts of things allow you to put lots of different kinds of content an appeal to Google and your reader for a variety of topics. Number 3. What it’s like being a psychiatrist in Chicago no any kind of location to work here I use Chicago because I used to live in Chicago and I think it’s a. A great town. What it’s like being of psychiatrists in Chicago in this headline you can talk about how you help people right and every city has unique characteristics you can talk about if seasonal effective disorder is something that people experience in Chicago which it is how Chicago as a city can be helpful what sort of places one might go to what sort of things and one might do on why you decided to practice in Chicago what sort of things you learn from your Chicago patients that maybe you had learned in another practice area all sorts of things that allow you to localize this post go for it could be a lot of phone number for seeking a therapist in Chicago than accept insurance. This is what people search for when they’re looking for a doctor. You just have to play around with the the text angle and be creative here basically they want to know if you take their form of insurance it would be worth including a paragraph in here about what life is like for your practice if you do not accept insurance and maybe why that is and what’s our programs are unable would enable rather a patient to become a patient of yours despite you not accepting insurance lots of opportunities there but people do a search all the time for therapist in Chicago who accepts United here healthcare therapist in Chicago who accepts Blue Cross blue shield and so on and so forth I never 5 how long does it take to get over a break up. Really need lots of right things you can talk about here right you can mention well if it’s different between males and females and use your expertise here to help people out. Number 6 is post partum depression really excuse me is postpartum depression in men really a thing I was surprised to learn this myself and I would bet the many many men are equally as surprised as well as perhaps their wives you can set an article like this up to be just for men or to be for women or both you can contrast it with an article directed about postpartum depression in women with the audience again being a male or female audience so lots of opportunities with this kind of article to be really helpful I never 75 seasonal effective disorder treatments just outside your doorstep hi here I was thinking something along the lines of. What sort of the things in nature can one do what sort of non medicinal wrong word there but what sort of non on. Prescription oriented types of ideas could you suggest for someone who wants to deal with seasonal affective disorder without perhaps seeing you not all of these articles are geared towards directing somebody to come in your door it’s really about placing a doormat out for somebody to be aware of you and to help the community at large which is what you’re trying to do anyway right number 8 I want to quit drinking when I go out with friends our advice. This is a common problem these days I’ve gone through it myself and just figuring out how to kind of look normal when you want to not drink in the beginning of things at least is helpful one thing I tried actually was I used to get on apple juice and seltzer water looks great looks like beer nobody knows the difference so you can talk about things like that what sort of tips and things you may be able to say ways to maybe just avoid avoiding agents like these ways to create your own groups and center at center lots of opportunity with that number 9 how much does provide cost and can insurance help expensive medications can be a wonderful ticket to content and you can talk about how you can help your patients afford things that are otherwise seen as costly and may prevent them from seeking help in general especially if a friend has mentioned how helpful something has been for them but it is expensive number 10 diabetes and depression links in management this is a common kind of article that I’ve written over over the years comparing and contrasting or rather associating different sorts of conditions with things when I did a lot of writing in the dental sphere I was always amazed at how things were inter related some of this can be overplayed honestly so don’t do that it’s not about striking up here and saying oh this is this way because the this is this way in in playing into kind of. Google search algorithms there are real connections obviously between a lot of things in that this is a great article to to cover to talk about that and then do this sort of thing for a variety of things that you know are are connected in some way or another number 11 a deep dive with Johanna hardy’s lost connections is interesting idea you know take a book that people are reading in your field and polluted part talk about how it can be useful to about why you like it we don’t like about it ideas you supporter do not support throwing hands on link in there and earn a couple pennies off of somebody purchasing a perhaps but books movies songs people connect with all of these types of media and it provides a wonderful opportunity to humanize yourself into human nature practice and to appeal to people who would not otherwise be looking for you they want to know like what this song is about what this book is about and you can help them connect the dots cool idea I think. Number 12 code F. 33.0 and other treatment codes you may see on your insurance statement you might not think this is useful but there are a lot of people search for the codes. Online and these can be heavily searched items what does this gobbledygook mean and brings them to Google and you might be able to help them figure out what is what especially if you throw in some kind of local insurance carrier verbiage that helps you crab local searchers. I need to do this for lots of things you can list 5 or 10 and don’t go overboard because a number of the medical the people who come up with these codes American dental association for example in dentistry they actually own the the copyrights to these codes so you get a little rambunctious with code content creation the ADA lease will we’ll slap you a couple ways. This side of town to say please don’t do that next one number 13 how to stop drinking wine another one people winds become such a popular thing to consume and seen as quote unquote good for you I think most of what’s good about drinking wine drinking with friends and family and the the camaraderie that you can share with someone but a lot of people on it like to drink alone as well and sometimes it’s hard to get off of that kick so how to stop drinking wine and some advice there would be really helpful number 14 I can’t get over my last girlfriend last boyfriend I’m sure you deal with this a lot lots of material you can talk about here tips tricks that can provide people with some real insight it’s kind of difficult thing and I and all ages swap girlfriend boyfriend with wife husband partner strange son that cetera etcetera. Number 15 I need to talk to someone about my feelings this is the kind of direct keyword search that you see. Will type into Google and. Because they don’t know what else to type in there not feeling good and they want an answer to this question I’m so used to question and think about what people ask you impact in your practice and frame a. A talking piece around that these these things don’t have to be long you can get really long and create skyscraper posts which are you know 3000 words and really hit up Google for attention but you don’t have to do that really you you can go short on content it helps to go a long way you don’t always have to do that regardless the think of questions people ask you and and use them in your content creation number 16 how to help someone with PTSD another thing that you if you were to specialize in in the individuals with this concern he will have a lot to say here if not to and you could probably use this opportunity to to refer out to other physicians other doctors other practitioners that can advise you can provide simply provide links to government agencies or other articles that you like in a quote unquote roundup of sorts where you do the research find good articles and then talk about those articles. A lot to do with that and it’s a very important subject. The last one on the story behind the PTSD stamp and where to get a full sheet so this one is supporting the effort to support vets and has a little bit of a relaxed tone to it in a sense we can talk about how the stamp came to be where people can get them on provide links online maybe you have a machine yourself and it’s framed in in your wall on your wall or something like that you know personalize it if you can maybe you buying 100 sheets and you provide them to. 2 patients in your practices has something worth sharing so that’s it that’s the 17 mental health articles for this first installment if you will out on March 1 Japan standard time on living in Kobe what do you do with these as I put them up on on on the website as a picture every week you get a new picture you can always copy or type out the text from the picture but if you sign up on the list you’ll be able to get the text version of the of the list for the next week that’ll save you some typing time quite a bit actually and but if you the only way I can manage this is to only make it available for week basically so if you missed that week then you will have to pick it up for a Buck which is still a helluva deal considering that these take me several hours to do every week and that is all so enjoy this week’s installment headline thief this is don Kane signing out from Kobe Japan have a wonderful day night wherever you stay wherever you call home cheers.
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