What’s the Deal Here, Anyway?

Isn't the mailing idea list silly?

Not really. And, here’s why…

I get where you’re coming from, and I did struggle with the idea initially. What would be the best way to put this content out there without folks lining up to steal it, scrape it, and earn from something I was for the most part giving away…?

I settled on the idea of a mailing list because it allows me to shoot off text versions of headlines to counter the above possibilities. But, then I quickly realized some folks might find it unnecessary to be on the list once they grabbed the text headlines relevant to them. Hmm… okay…

Then I thought, well… there is indeed a lot of value, it just doesn’t leap out at you. Because the true value in providing these headlines isn’t really in the headlines themselves (because you want to spin them into different content anyway), the true value is in using them as writing prompts to come up with your own, and to see what the craft of coming up with good headlines looks and feels like.

Even for me, as I play around in the sentence soup each and every week, I’m learning. My brain isn’t on autopilot when I create these, I’m kinda in a flow state, if you will. And as I write, my brain kicks out new ideas that reflect off the words I just laid out on the page. You can and should do the same.

So, whether I’m writing productivity headlines, or headlines about ecommerce, or bath tubs, or photography equipment, signing up for the mailing list will allow you to benefit from these headlines in the same way writing about them in real time benefits me.

So, there ya go. That’s my take.

If you’re always looking for ideas, sign up. If you just want the 17 ideas related to your niche, sign up if you just happen to see it the week it becomes available, or buy the download if you miss it. Or, hand write ’em out from the gallery.

My recommendation, of course would be to get the most out of the writing prompts the headlines provide by signing up. Scroll a bit further down to sign up.

Cool? Cool. Thanks.

We want to hear your lovely voice.

Aw. Shucks, thanks.

To hear my content consulting each week when I release a new batch of headlines, visit the Headline Thief YouTube channel.

Depending on how much, or how little caffeine I’ve had that day determines my liveliness. I suppose the topic plays a part as well, but it’s not meant to be an entertainment session—just me thinking off the top of my head bout what I’ve written.

So, again, for some folks this is useful, for some it’s not. Your call. My take is if you’re looking for insight into my process, and need more ideas, check out one that’s at least related to your niche. Otherwise, feel free to just start writing. Hee… yeah, easy, right?

Do you sell stuff? Consult?

Yep to the first question, and… sometimes… to the second.

On the site you can purchase any of the seventeen weekly headlines you might have missed, and you can purchase my Headline Heist books with one hundred or more headlines, and SEO data, at places like Amazon and Gumroad. The good folks at JVZoo also help sell my things… often with cool bonuses you can’t get on Amazon because of the way they have their marketplace structured.

Do I consult? Yes, I do. But, not a whole lot. I do craft custom headlines for folks, and you can learn more about that on my packages page.

Here in Kobe, because I teach college English half the year, host a few private students (mostly medical professionals) year-long, and work on my other projects every single day of the year, I find myself to be a little busy. I also run the Japanese literature translation firm, Maplopo with my wife.

So, yeah… busy. I say “no” a lot, but not always. So if you’re working on something interesting, that will be financially rewarding for the both of us, please reach out.

At 51, I’m to aware of my own mortality to spend too much time working, so these days I only work on commissioned projects where I know I can make a substantial impact.

Thanks for asking, and please do ask, if you think you want to work together, we’ll see what pans out. Cheers.

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