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All headlines can be used without cost for all commercial and non-commercial purposes. That said…  Headlines cannot be sold or compiled in any other fashion for sale, or resale, or to form a similar or competing service. In other words, don’t be a jerk. Think of these headlines as writing prompts. So, have fun, play with ’em—make them your own. If you want to avoid duplicate content, simply use these as jumping off points, and not something to just copy/paste. Go get ’em.

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Each of these headlines is created by me. I often fuel that brainstorming with research conducted using Ahrefs, or Semrush—not to mention a few decades of copywriting, and an overactive imagination. Thanks, Mom and Dad… and Robert Ludlum. I really can’t live without these SEO research tools, though… they are that good. Check them out if you wish. P.S. These are obviously affililate links, because well… green tea ain’t cheap. And I’m working on a family…

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Why am I doing this? Because content is hard. And, coming up with headlines is sometimes the most difficult part. If I can lock into a theme, though, headlines seem to pour out of me. Perhaps it’s having swirled in a world of sales and marketing all these years. Who knows. It’s a bit of a curse, though, as my headline creating brain seems to be permantly set to “on.” This is good for MediaTemple because I have over 100 domain names hosted with them. I should really cut back. Perhaps this’ll help? At least I can sleep at night knowing my headines might be getting a life somewhere. Have fun. — Doc

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Below the fold… your March 8- March 15, 2021 headlines.

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Natural Skincare Headlines, March 8, 2021, Headline Thief

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